Friday, 22 October 2010

Paint Rack

Received this paint rack today from Miniaturicum of Germany, less than a week for delivery to the UK. 36 Euros inc postage.

Very impressed with it and they do lots of different sizes.

It should help with keeping the paints organised and help with tidying up afterwards.

I did look at the carousel type ones but they were a lot more money than this.

Lego City Zombie Infection

My six year old son found this and showed me today, have to keep more of an eye on him. Didn't even know he knew You Tube.

Anyhow this is hilarious -

Lego City Zombie Infection

It looks like there is loads more also. Impressive way to kill Zeds, run 'em over in a tank !!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Afghan / Talibans Update

Finally, after three evenings and part of a day I have nearly finished my Afghan / Taliban squad.

A bit of tidying up, paint the weapons and then ink / wash them and they will be completed.

Much, much harder than I thought and for certain I will never do 25 at a time again.

Here are the WIP pics -

I don't know what to do with this one, couldn't remove the flash between man and luancher, very very thick ?

I will do a full report when I have them all finished and varnished, it has been a huge learning curve as, apart from ceilings and walls these are the first things i have painted since childhood. A long time ago !!

The Walking Dead

Well its very nearly upon us, the greatest comic book ever has been turned into a hopefully brilliant TV show by AMC, so should be quite adult themed, can you do Zombies none adult themed ??

For those who don't know The Walking Dead is a black and white ongoing comic book series by Robert Kirkman, it is set after the Zombie Apocalypse hits. Currently upto number 78 (out today).

It follows Rick Grimes and his many survivors against the horrors of Zombies and fellow Man, who are often worse than the Zeds. The TV adaptation is based on the comic book but is not following the series exactly, the first series of six is ready to go and a second season has already being ordered.

It premiers in the US on 31 October and should be on FX in the UK a few days later.

Here is the latest trailer.

I personally can't wait.

The Reapers are the Angels by Alden Bell

Another book finished last night, I was really looking forward to this after reading a couple of good reviews inc SFX and got to say I was slightly disappointed especially with the ending.

Set in a post apocalyptic world (US) complete with the obligatory undead (who surprisingly take a bit of a back seat) it follows the lead character Temple (young teenage girl) and never fully explains her - to me anyway.

I think the major reason I was disappointed is that I like my books to be series and I don't think this will be, so purely a stand alone story which needed exploring and explaining more. Perhaps we may get more but I don't think so.

Saying all that its worth a read, even if for a few examples of terrain alone.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Free Game Rules from The Perfect Captain

Just found this great little site on one of the blogs so thought i would share it as it has loads of free downloadable rules for miniatures.

The Perfect Captain

Wargame Factory - Zombies

I received these over the weekend after putting a request in Lead Adventure Forum thanks to The Angry Lurker for the suggestion and special thanks to Leon of Pulp Citizen fame for sending me three sprues for just the price of postage.

Here are the sprues -

I had better make these Zeds well worth it !!

I really recommend looking at both their blogs, well worth a look and of course The Lead Adventure forum.