Thursday, 21 October 2010

The Walking Dead

Well its very nearly upon us, the greatest comic book ever has been turned into a hopefully brilliant TV show by AMC, so should be quite adult themed, can you do Zombies none adult themed ??

For those who don't know The Walking Dead is a black and white ongoing comic book series by Robert Kirkman, it is set after the Zombie Apocalypse hits. Currently upto number 78 (out today).

It follows Rick Grimes and his many survivors against the horrors of Zombies and fellow Man, who are often worse than the Zeds. The TV adaptation is based on the comic book but is not following the series exactly, the first series of six is ready to go and a second season has already being ordered.

It premiers in the US on 31 October and should be on FX in the UK a few days later.

Here is the latest trailer.

I personally can't wait.


  1. There is a PREAIR copy on the internet but i am not going to get it, wait for the proper one as it may be a crap copy and small it.

  2. Absolutely, I have bigger problems with the other half by having to move the furniture whens its on so she can hide behind it.