Monday, 4 October 2010

Talibans Ready for Painting

My weekends work - 

These are the Taliban / Afghans i have cleaned up and based on 25mm slotta bases, i did want to prime them with Vallejo Black but the weather was horrendous and my other half didnt want a spray painted conservatory !!

Hoping to do one night this week so i can get onto the good stuff of painting them..............


  1. Have the small range of Taliban figures from Empress miniatures and they are lovely,I wonder how they compare to TAG as I will need more unless Empress get their finger out.Your blog is developing nicely.

  2. Thanks mate, i will have a look at Empress. I have about 30 already so maybe thats enough for now. Although these are the first ones i will paint so some will be ahem crap !!