Saturday, 9 October 2010

Undercoated at Last !

The weather wasn't too bad this morning so after preparing the Talibans / Afghans last night, which involved using the strange green stuff for the first time. Used for too much !! Lesson learnt there, only mix a bit at a time. Filled in the slotta bases and PVA'd a sand / cat lit mix I had made up.

Changed my mind at the last minute and undercoated in white instead of the Vallejo black i was going to use, probably thinking white is easier to cover. Trial and error at this stage of the game.

Cut some card and used blue tack to put 5 men on each for ease of transporting around and moving to cover both sides. Used an old paper ream box from work for my paint shield and it worked fine, not too much paint in the garden !

Here are the results -

To say I am amazed is an understatement, the detail that is now apparent on the figures really blows me away. I am so pleased with them at this stage, I hope my basic paint job does them justice.

I have noticed a few flash lines that I've missed so I may trim them off and touch up, note for next time don't watch TV whilst trimming !

Got a few jobs around the house to do today and tomorrow but I hope to get a bit of paint on these over the weekend.

Received a lot of buildings / terrain off of PMC_Games on eBay so i may get a suitable setting up with them too.


  1. Can't wait to see them once the paint hits ....

  2. Get those babies painted! I wanna see some reps!

  3. Hey Guys, welcome along for the ride.
    Finally starting throwing some paint on them this weekend, basecoated now ready for washes, just ordered online and then hghlights and blending.